Glossary of Terms

  • ALC – (Active Living Coalition) – comprised of individuals and organizations representing community sectors of health care, education, city government, county government, business, and service organizations who are addressing the public health issue of physical inactivity. We strive to increase the number of people who engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle through collaborative efforts on community events, research, networking and programming that leads to increased physical activity opportunities for all who reside in Monroe County.
  • ACHIEVE – (Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and Environmental Change) – a collaboration of organizations and businesses throughout Bloomington and Monroe County. They build healthier communities through policy, systems and environmental change strategies.
  • CHART – (Community Health Action Response Team) – ACHIEVE’s governing board, that uses the data collected by ACHIEVE to identify the highest areas of need and creates Annual Goals and Objectives for the ACHIEVE Community Action Plan.
  • BIRA – (Bloomington Independent Restaurant Association) – It’s mission is to cooperatively support, promote and unify locally owned and operated restaurants in the Bloomington community by providing unique dining experiences and events for its patrons and the community, all while increasing the visibility and viability of locally owned restaurants.
  • CAP – (Community Action Plan) – committee that evaluates a group’s (i.e. ACHIEVE) goals.
  • Area 10 – (Area 10 Agency on Aging) – A private, nonprofit organization, providing a wide variety of services to seniors and persons with disabilities in the community.
  • CHIP – (Community Health Improvement Plan) – A taskforce developed to create an action plan that’s applicable for the community at-large. Works closely with MCHD with their needs assessment. Data from multiple resources (ALC, community members, etc.) that is shared to identify areas of strengths and improvements.
  • GOAL – (Get Onboard Active Living) – A family-based healthy lifestyle program for overweight/obese children (those that are over the 85th percentile of BMI for their age).
  • ISDH – (Indiana State Department of Health) –
  • MCDH – (Monroe County Department of Health) –
  • MCCSC – Monroe County Community School Corporation – A school corporation covering most of Monroe County, Indiana.
  • RBB – Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation – A school corporation located in northwestern Monroe County, Indiana.
  • Task Force – A small group formed within the ALC, usually led by a facilitator, which has proposed a charge to achieve a particular goal or group of goals that are related to one another. This term is similar to the terms Work Group and Committee.
  • The Newcomer – Attended at least one meeting or ALC related event.
  • The Silent Partner – Attended at least one meeting or ALC related event and requested to be added to the distribution list. Typically does not attend ALC meetings or activities and is unresponsive to emails requesting participation in activities. Interested in “staying in the communication loop.”
  • The Connector – Does or does not regularly attend meetings. If does not attend meetings, it is due to conflict in schedule, location (out of town), or not directly related to job function. Interested in “staying in the communication loop” about ALC activities. Reads meeting minutes and shares information about ALC related events to people outside the coalition. Sends a formal (e.g. email, phone call) or informal (word of mouth) announcements when information about events or activities taking place within or outside the community.
  • The Helper – Attends meetings regularly. Networking and forming collaboration is described as part of their job description. Assists with securing resources and implementing tasks.
  • The Visionary Resource Sharer – 1. Attends meetings some or most of the time. If not, it is due to schedule conflict or a person from agency was designated as the primary point of contact. Shares information and makes informal connections with organizations and people in the community by sharing the purpose of the coalition. Initiates or catalyzes new ideas or change in coalition’s direction. Identifies as mid- or upper-manager of an agency whom is in the position to delegate resources and ALC tasks to employees.
  • The Worker Bee – Attends meetings regularly. Networking and forming collaboration was described as part of their job description. Shares information and makes informal connections with organizations and people in the community by sharing the purpose of the coalition. Facilitates and coordinates meetings, planning groups, and events. Secures resources for projects.

Are You Active?

Active Living means incorporating physical activity into your daily life. An Active Living lifestyle incorporates non-traditional opportunities for activity, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, gardening, or playing with children as well as participating in more traditional forms of physical activity, such as walking, exercise classes and sports.

County Health Rankings

  • Brown County - Health Outcomes: 5/92
  • Monroe County - Health Outcomes: 8/92
  • Owen County - Health Outcomes: 51/92
  • Morgan County - Health Outcomes: 40/92
  • Greene County - Health Outcomes: 74/92

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